I'm fighting against the tidal wave of hopelessness that surrounds us.
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Let's Look At Life Differently

I believe hope offers us a new perspective on everything. And nothing brings me joy like the opportunity to share hope—whether it’s on stage at a church somewhere in the Midwest, a school in Florida, through a book like “The Messenger,” on the airwaves with my Live Hope Minute daily radio feature, or behind bars at a local prison.


My Latest Blog / News

Sometimes the inspiration strikes and I’ve got to post something. This is where it goes.

  • July 21, 2017
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New Music Video!

Can't wait for you to see this intimate look at my life as a musician, set to "Not While I'm Around"...
  • June 27, 2017
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Why Is It So Easy For Me To Lose Hope?

I post with the hope this might help one person today take one more step on their journey. From my journal/coffee time...
  • June 26, 2017
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Interviews, Buses, Dancers…oh my!

This is a three video collection that revolves around the craziness of road life and doing interviews, etc. It started with...

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What Can We Do Together?

I’d love to work with you to create a world-class event for your church, business, or organization. I am finding hungry audiences for these inspirational messages as I tour the country sharing hope.


I love doing concerts for churches. We could even use your choir or soloists on a few of my songs. Perhaps you’d like to host a house concert, or have music for a fund-raiser. Let’s get creative!


I’d love to deliver a message to help inspire your people to know more about hope and how to live it out to the world through service and creativity. I love speaking to audiences of all ages.

CD Project

Would you like to work together on a CD project? Or would you like to make an Executive Producer contribution to my next project? Let’s talk!

I'm on a journey into hope.

Why Is Hope So Important?

As I travel the country, I constantly meet people who are struggling to find hope. So many of us feel alone, tired, defeated, broken, and victims of our circumstances. We long to have some light break into our darkness, to experience hope in the midst of our pain. I believe that light can come from a variety of places—from something you read, a phone call with a friend, an inspirational song, a meaningful scripture, a stranger’s kindness, etc. That glimmer of light—however small or large—is the first sight of HOPE and tells a person they can continue.

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Take the journey up the mountain and see what it holds.

Featured Project

The Messenger: A Journey Into Hope is a unique book & CD brimming with inspiration. Go on an adventure with Thomas to discover the true meaning of a hope that transcends circumstances. In addition to the novella, I created a soundtrack filled with songs inspired by the story. May you find yourself in these lyrics, or within these pages, and uncover a fresh, new way at looking at your life!

More than an emotion. It's a posture.

Hope Driven

The greatest truth, which I believe to be our great hope, is that we are not alone—that God is with us, Emmanuel.
Hope says this is not all there is. Your story is not finished being written. And in fact, the best is yet to come!


I believe hope is grounded in faith—a story bigger than yourself.


Hope is fueled by love. Knowing yourself as loved and loving others.


Hope is guided by a vision of a better future.

Don't take my word for it.