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I believe hope offers us a new perspective on everything. And nothing brings me joy like the opportunity to share hope—whether it’s on stage at a church somewhere in the Midwest, a school in Florida, through a book like “The Messenger,” on the airwaves with my Live Hope Minute daily radio feature, or behind bars at a local prison. Sometimes even right here on this site, someone going through an intense, personal challenge might “accidentally” stumble across something that ends up giving them a glimpse of hope. Amazing.

I’ve lived in Nashville for almost 25 years, and have seen the rise and fall of many people’s dreams. I’ve studied the entertainment industry and how it works (and doesn’t). I’ve gone after my own dreams and have been met with both incredulous silence and incredible success. I’ve had my songs find audiences all over the world, I’ve acted on national television and in a handful of movies. I’ve had my writing published in dozens of magazines and online sites, and have written several books (some for others, and a couple for myself!). And I get to travel around the country delivering messages of hope at live events with my speaking and music.

I’m learning that it’s not my job to determine how people are going to respond to what I do, but to be faithful to creatively and courageously communicating hope to the world around me. Sometimes it’s through a written blog post, but it might be a video I find, or a song I write. Sometimes it’s just with a smile across the counter at a stranger working hard to serve others. The possibilities are endless—that’s why I’m going to keep exploring, looking for hope. And then living it.

And I’ll probably be doing it while drinking a cup of coffee, and wondering if the Minnesota Twins might be able to come up with a winning season this year. So, why don’t you grab a cup of coffee and join me…scroll through some of my writings, listen to some tunes, and then let me hear from you! I’d really appreciate that.

Why Is Hope Such A Big Deal?

Random Facts

1) My version of “Mary, Did You Know” (from Christmas) was the MOST downloaded holiday song on amazon.com in 2014, 2015, and 2016!

2) I had a blast being on national television when I co-starred in a couple of episodes of ABC TV’s hit series “Nashville.” I also played the romantic lead in “1 Message,” an inspirational motion picture about the ravages of breast cancer, serving as a “saintly mentor” to the lead character.

3) I’ve completed seven successful years of my Hope of Christmas Tour, bringing light to the true meaning of the season across the country. This is in addition to various tours throughout the US sharing songs in concert; from New Hampshire to Washington, from Minnesota to Florida.

4) I also appeared in the Christmas-themed “The Perfect Gift” motion picture as the film’s antagonist, Blaine Pollett. The film also featured my compassionate holiday song “Emmanuel (You Are With Me)“— receiving emails of gratitude from people around the world, including South Africa, Portugal, and Egypt, to name a few. The music video for this song has also been seen on UP television network, and captured nearly 50,000 views on YouTube.

5) My signature song (if you will) “Pilgrim Man” received airplay on over 100 radio stations around the country, reaching #3 on the CRW Global AC & Inspo charts and remaining for nearly half of 2010. The video for this song has garnered just over 9,000 views on YouTube.

6) “Precious Memories,” written as a tribute to my Grandmother (one of the founders of the International Alzheimer’s Association), was used in the film, “Clancy,” with a music video of the tune included on the DVD.

7) I have a huge heart for prison ministry and have gone inside the walls of Nashville’s Charles Bass Correction Complex on a weekly basis for about 20 years. My song “Don’t Forget Me When I Fall” is inspired by my relationship with the inmates.

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What Can We Do Together?

I’d love to work with you to create a world-class event for your church, business, or organization. I am finding hungry audiences for these inspirational messages as I tour the country sharing hope.


I love doing concerts for churches. We could even use your choir or soloists on a few of my songs. Perhaps you’d like host a house concert, or have music for a fund-raiser. Let’s get creative!


I’d love to deliver a message to help inspire your people to know more about hope and how to live it out to the world through service and creativity. I love speaking to audiences of all ages.

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Would you like to work together on a CD project? Or would you like to make an Executive Producer contribution to my next project? Let’s talk!

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