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Shooting Nashville – Part Two


Look for me in Episode 16 of ABC’s hit series “Nashville” – most likely to air on Wednesday, March 13th at 9pm Central. (Airdate is looking like April 3rd – “I Saw The Light” – Stay tuned!) Can you believe it?

You can read Part One here!

It was time. They needed me on the set. I walked down my little stairs and they pointed me to the awaiting van that would escort me to the set, a real life music venue just down the street called The 5 Spot.

The next three hours were filled with controlled chaos. I was determined to soak it all in, not knowing if I’d ever have this kind of opportunity again. Crew guys were running all over the place setting up lighting and cameras, and arranging the tables and chairs for the scene we were about to shoot. People were continually coming up to me and introducing themselves. I learned who to listen to, and where to go when I wasn’t filming. (They had the Director’s chairs set up to the side. One had the star’s name on it, and mine simply said “Cast.”)

The scene was going to be a dialogue between me and Jonathan Jackson, the famous actor who plays Avery on the show. He would enter The 5 Spot and walk over to me (sitting at the bar doing some paperwork) and try to convince me to let him play his music at my venue.

Jonathan arrived without any hoopla or fanfare. All business here. We shook hands, and the director explained the scene to us, what she was hoping to see. Then we rehearsed it a couple times, and then he left to go change clothes.

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Shooting Nashville


Look for me in Episode 16 of ABC’s hit series “Nashville” – most likely to air on Wednesday, March 13th at 9pm Central. (Airdate is looking like April 3rd – “I Saw The Light” – Stay tuned!) Can you believe it?

Read part two HERE!

Turns out, fifth time’s the charm. Yes, I had auditioned for four different roles on the ABC hit television series “Nashville.” But it was the fifth one that clicked.

Around noon on Tuesday February 19th, my agent called: “They’d like to see you for a role on ‘Nashville.’ Can you come in this afternoon, and are you available to shoot tomorrow?”
“Absolutely.” Not sure how many other guys they asked to see.

I showed up at my agent’s office at 2:30 to be filmed delivering the lines from the short scene she had emailed. It was just like any other audition where you do what you think might work, and then leave hoping it did, but working harder to not think it about it any longer. They uploaded my audition for the casting director to check out.

Two hours later I got a call saying I’ve been placed “on hold” by the casting director. This usually means, “we kinda like you, and want to make sure you don’t book yourself on something else until we decide for sure if it’s you or the other guy we like a lot more.”

I couldn’t believe it. This is a good sign, but nothing’s for sure yet. Still, my excitement is growing. The possibility of actually getting on the show is closer than ever.

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Samaritan Bethany Benefit Dinner

rocheventI’m so looking forward to this event. I’ve been asked to be the entertainment for the 15th Annual Benefit Dinner for Samaritan Bethany Foundation in Rochester, MN. It will be Thursday night April 11, 2013 at the Rochester International Event Center. The Foundation was established to raise funds and community awareness for Samaritan Bethany (a Senior care community) in order to enhance the outstanding health care they provide.  Over the years the Foundation has made a variety of purchases/investments including health care equipment for residents, campus building improvements and renovations, and staff career development.

My Grandma Mildred was a resident here until her death in 2010. I am thankful not only for the love and care they showed to her, but for the relationships that have continued since then.

This is going to be a great night at the Rochester International Events Center. I hope you can make it out to support this wonderful organization.

Tickets are available by calling 507-289-5042 ext 4103. For more information, please visit: