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Is Delayed Gratification Really Better?

Today was a really tough run. And this video isn’t pretty. I’m choosing to press on, though…to continue on this path, regardless of how long, or how difficult it might be.

Don’t Stress (Even if you get hit by a car…)

Today marks the longest run ever in my entire life. I was a bit concerned about what it was going to be like, until someone told me to not even think about it. Just do it. So I did. And I’m thrilled.

Info About the Movie I’m In

Here’s some great news about the movie I’m so honored to be a part of. If you read this press release, I’m the “saintly mentor” mentioned. Type-casting, right? HA! More info to come as we progress…

Kelly’s Filmworks Takes On Breast Cancer With New Film, “1 Message”

Kelly’s Filmworks Ltd, known for such thought-provoking films as ‘Clancy’ and ‘The Perfect Stranger’, is embarking on a new movie project that deals with the challenges of the breast cancer victim.

“1 Message” tells the story of Becca, a beautiful 28-year-old woman whose perfect life is severely interrupted by the discovery of a lump in her breast. A double mastectomy follows, as well as a dark descent into seclusion and depression. The storyline revolves around her gradual reemergence into a world she sees with new eyes, thanks to a saintly mentor she encounters online.
Based on the novel of the same name by Mary T. Lennox, the screenplay was written by actor Jefferson Moore, who also serves as director and executive producer. Moore’s wife, Kelly Worthington, is producer on the project. The couple started Kelly’s Filmworks in 2003.
Moore received the novel back in 2006 from Ms. Lennox, a Catholic nun, who was inquiring as to whether or not her first book effort had merit as a screenplay.
“I was immediately drawn to the emotion of the story”, says Moore, “it had such a strong message that inspired on so many different levels – inner beauty, family values, self-worth, and the amazing healing power of forgiveness. As a reader, I found myself touched and motivated at the same time, and I knew that feeling would resonate with movie audiences as well.” (Moore’s mother, Betty, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.)
New York theatre actress Ashley Kate Adams makes her movie debut in the role of Becca, the young woman who believes that her beauty is lost when cancer changes her body. For Ashley, auditioning for the role came with a great personal significance – her grandmother was a cancer patient who also had endured a double mastectomy. According to her, she felt an inner connection to what the main character was going through as a result of her grandmother’s experience.
Adams’ age was also a determining factor in how “1 Message” will be presented to the viewing public.
“Breast cancer has always been perceived as a ‘mature woman’s disease’ – but that is not the case,” says Moore. As a result of this common misconception, Adams will be appearing in a series of online public service announcements, aimed directly at twenty somethings, encouraging them not to neglect monthly self exams.
Kelly’s Filmworks’ vision for the release of “1 Message” is to carry the ‘service’ notion one step further; a percentage of proceeds from box office, television and DVD sales from the film will be donated to breast cancer research and prevention. The studio is currently seeking a national partner to help generate awareness for the project, and to serve as its main beneficiary; talks have already begun with several of the larger cancer foundations. “Right now its all about finding a good fit,” says Kelly.
Principal photography on the film will continue through the end of August. A release date has not yet been set.

Pilgrim Man CD (Cover & Tracklisting)

Set for release on September 14, 2010, here’s the cover and tracklisting for the new Pilgrim Man CD. Please visit the store page above for all the details or just go ahead right now and send an email to if you want to pre-order your own copy. Thank you for all your support!

1. Here’s Your Life –  Some people seem to be waiting for permission to start living their life – here’s the invitation & it’s the party track!
2. Pilgrim Man (available now on iTunes) – an anthemic song of hope & encouragement
3. Just Watch Me – a song of courage & empowerment
4. Walk On The Water – I gotta get out of this boat!
5. Time For Hope – a powerful song of hope, regardless of circumstances
6. Turn My Eyes Upon You – a prayer for clarity
7. Don’t Forget Me When I Fall – we can’t let anyone slip through the cracks
8. Precious Memories – my gratitude song
9. What I Want -funky tune about desire
10. All I Want Is You – you can’t work your way into My love
11. This World Is Not My Home – my hallelujah chorus

Please help spread the word–you can share the music player in the upper right hand side of this page, you can retweet below, or email this info by clicking on the little envelope just below! And please shoot me an email if you want to pre-order your copy! Thank you!

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