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Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

I’d love to hear from you. And I’d love for you to hear from each other. This is going to be an area where you can write what has been inspiring you lately. Is a certain song you’ve heard, a movie you’ve seen, a book you’ve read, or something you’ve seen on the Internet? Let me know by writing in the comment box below!

How are you working to bring hope to the world around you? How do you see other people doing it?

What is hope? How do you define it? How do you know you have it?

My desire, as I’m sure yours is, is to be megaphone of hope to a world that is so desperately in need. With your help, and your unique voice, we can most definitely make a difference!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Thank You For Joining

I appreciate you signing up for my newsletter! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on stuff we share. To say thank you, here’s a free download of a song I love that I haven’t officially released yet. You might recognize it from Amy Grant’s Age To Age record…back in the early 80s. It sounded rather different than this, but I love the lyrics so much and wanted to give it a shot. I hope you like it.

Got To Let It Go

(click to listen, or right-click, save as to download)

Blessings: Mark

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Thank You For Subscribing

Please check your email box for a confirmation email. Then click on the link to have your subscription confirmed. Sorry for the extra step, it actually keeps this whole thing legal…so I don’t turn into a giant spamming monster. Thank you!

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Let’s Create A Special Event… Together!

Let’s Create A Special Event… Together!

It’s not just a concert. It’s an experience.

“Mark’s walk with God and musical expression have had great impact in our congregation.” —Patricia Anderson, Dir. of Worship and Music, Rochester Covenant Church

With messages in his songs saying, “This is a time for hope!” or “Don’t give up, you are not alone!” Mark Smeby is finding a hungry audience for his inspirational tunes as he tours the country sharing his Pilgrim Man project. “My songs are for anyone who has ever felt like giving up. Or for those who are wondering how to make sense of their faith—in the face of pain and disappointment. That’s me. I write about things that I need to hear. And what I’m finding is that the very message of hope I need to hear, is the very thing other people are hungry for, as well.”

I’d love to come sing at your church.

Please watch this video about what others are saying…

We can also use your choir on a few of my songs (see the “Pilgrim Man” video just below!). Perhaps we could set-up a house concert, or a session with a group of homeschoolers. I could talk about the creative life and how faith can intersect with that. How about an outreach to a local prison? Let’s get creative and come up with something that will be a great experience for your church and your people.

“I don’t want to just come in and sing a few songs and then leave. I want to serve your church however I can—and leave a trail of hope and inspiration in my wake.”

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Want to read my bio – it’s right here!

Please click here to send me an email right now! Let’s start talking!

Here’s What Others Say…

“Our congregation was fortunate enough to have Mark Smeby for an entire weekend in January. He graciously agreed to sing for a church fundraiser on Saturday, and for both of our worship services on Sunday morning. We were able to spend time getting to know Mark between the performances. By the time the concert rolled around everyone seemed to know his songs by heart. I know there are other performers with his kind of talents, but what sets Mark apart is the depth of his songs and how each one seems to be a sermon based on his own life experiences, that touch people in a profound way. He engages the audience between songs and makes the whole evening feel like a loving conversation with God. It has been weeks since the concert, but my congregation is still talking about how Mark impacted their faith and their relationships with the Lord.”

~Rev. Jared Olson, Pastor, Hope Lutheran Church, Port St. Lucie, FL


“Mark brings a fresh relevancy to our faith, a passion for honest relationships, and strength of character where he serves. I have found him flexible enough to adapt his musical style and substance to meet the needs of diverse ministry and cultural environments, and sensitive enough to work closely with a broad array of leadership styles. Mark is who he appears to be: honest, passionate, caring, and courageous.”

~Rusty Van Deusen, Pastor, Christ the King Church, Anacortes, WA


“This was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.”

~Pastor Ray Logan – GM of KFSI Radio, Rochester, MN


“Mark is able to express his life’s journey in such a way that helps others understand that they are not alone. We are still singing “Pilgrim Man.” I sing it now every time I’m going through a difficulty.”

~Dr. R. Chris Monroe – Vinton Baptist Church, Vinton, VA


“Mark’s walk with the Lord, and his candid and very genuine personality was shown not only in his music, but in his interactions with our church members, both young and old.”

~John and Judy Frazier – Dover Baptist Church, Louisville, KY


How about a House Concert?

“Having Mark perform in our home and share stories of his personal voyage and dance with God was nothing short of triumphant! His collection of narratives, inspired lyrics and music combined to create an atmosphere of hope smothered in God’s Spirit. Not only that, but funny – always filled with hope and encouragement.”

Mark L. Mathia – Omaha, NE

“He’s engaging, loveable, and his warm and genuine presence set audiences instantly at ease.”

~Nate Larkin – Author, “Samson and the Pirate Monks”


“Very heart-warming and moving…soulful… and more important than anything…REAL.”

~Evan, Tennessee


“We ALL need this kind of encouragement and it only helps that you sing it so well.”

~Gary DeVeau, WLIX, Long Island, NY


“Mark Smeby; one of funniest, quick-thinking, intelligent and sensitive people I’d come to know in my 20+ year career in the Christian entertainment industry.”

~Neal Joseph – former head of Warner Brothers Christian music division


Ever Consider A Corporate Event? I’d Love To!

“Mark transformed our training room into a family room. His courageous openness inspired and evoked our teams to ask difficult questions and gave the entire group a needed boost towards chasing the Big Hairy Audacious Goals of life. It feels like our training and development department took a quantum leap forward and with the help of Mark’s real-life practical encouragement we stumbled onto the heartbeat of our company.”

Mark L. Mathia, CEO Tiburon Financial LLC


How About A Homeschool Event?

“We’ve heard many speakers with good messages present to our home school group, but Mark was exceptional in that it was obvious he really wanted to share the message of his heart and the passion for the Lord with the children. His interactions with the kids were unique in that he really listened to the kids and valued what they said. As a result it was obvious that he really affected them as he encouraged them to pursue the Lord in finding what their unique gifts are and what the Lord’s plans are for their lives. Mark also had some really practical tips on songwriting and performing which he shared through the lens of his own experiences. The kids loved his style and presentation.”

Michelle McQuillan Myers, head of the Discovery Home School Group in Omaha, NE


Still have some questions? Not a problem. Shoot me an email!