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Again…Why Am I Running?

The challenge of this morning 9 mile run made me really stop and voice again (to myself) why I am doing this. This morning’s big bummer: iPod froze up halfway through the run. Is it normal for an iPod to give out before its owner does?

How’s the CD Coming Along?

I’m grateful there are people in my life that ask me this question. Actually, I’ve had people asking me this question for about 17 years. And of course, I’ve had different answers throughout the years—sometimes optimistic, sometimes horribly pessimistic. It’s a question that has been wrought with all kinds of expectation—mostly self-imposed. As if my level of value as a human being was based on when my CD would finally get made.

I know that I’ve spent a lot of those 17 years (since moving to Nashville from Minneapolis) waiting for someone to give me permission to start living the life of my dreams – which would be symbolized by their investment in me as an artist. I gave a lot of power to small handful of people, gate keepers at record labels – some even friends – who I shouldn’t have. And most all of those people have moved on to something else by now. So I’m left wondering, “Who am I supposed to give my power to now?” By power, I mean, the power to tell me I’m a valid artist/person.

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Tribute to the School Crossing Guard By My House

This amazing lady blessed me this morning with a beautiful, random act of kindness. I pay tribute to her with today’s video. She made me so happy. Now it’s my turn. Has this ever happened to you?

Why Have I Chosen Self-Pity?

For too long I have listened to negative voices, even though surrounded by encouragement. Why did I waste so much time? Just under 4 weeks left of training…and CD comes out 4 wks from today!

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