The Messenger Book

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The Messenger Book

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Thomas, a blacksmith in the Norwegian mountain village of Bergland, has grown tired of simply going through the motions of day-to-day life. He can’t shake the intrigue he feels about the picturesque mountain that stands at the edge of the village—normally considered a gigantic monument to the dangers and risks that lay outside what is known.

Now Thomas is facing the biggest challenge of his life—confronted with the task of sacrificing everything he holds dear to try and save what he loves most.

Courageously turning away from the fears that keep other villagers trapped in their routine, Thomas breaks tradition to discover what truths the mountain may hold for him. What he finds will cause him to question everything he has believed, and lead him to life-changing decisions that will affect every aspect of his life.

The Messenger: A Journey into Hope is an engaging allegory about awakening to hope and discovering a life full of glorious significance.

Take the journey up the mountain and see what it holds for you.

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