Pilgrim Man – CD



Pilgrim Man – CD

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My very first CD—it only took me 17 years to make it! But I knew I had to create something that would be unique and authentic to who I am. Includes the anthemic “Pilgrim Man,” “Time For Hope,” “Don't Forget Me When I Fall” (inspired by my prison ministry), and “Precious Memories” from the movie “Clancy.” ALSO INCLUDES: digital (mp3) download of entire project.

TRACKLIST         Click Here for Lyrics & Liner Notes

      1. Here's Your Life
      2. Pilgrim Man
      3. Intro (Just Watch Me)
      4. Just Watch Me
      5. Walk On the Water
      6. Time For Hope
      7. Humble Yourself (instrumental)
      8. Turn My Eyes Upon You
      9. Intro (Don't Forget Me When I Fall)
      10. Don't Forget Me When I Fall
      11. Precious Memories
      12. God Is Making Me Holy
      13. What I Want
      14. Intro (All I Want Is You)
      15. All I Want Is You
      16. This World Is Not My Home


Mark chats about the song "Pilgrim Man"


Webster’s defines “pilgrim” as someone who undergoes a journey of great distance, usually of religious significance. Isn’t that all of us? We are all on a journey—and if you’re reading this, the story is still being written. This is not the end, in spite of what you might think or feel. The great hope we can have is that God is with us. And a great opportunity we have to show up for each other and be that hope to someone in need. It might be someone down the street, or someone within your own house. I wanted to write a song of encouragement to some friends who were going through a very difficult time. It’s turned into something bigger than I could’ve ever imagined, with people adopting this song as their own all over the place.

That’s why I wrote this particular song, “Pilgrim Man” – as you can tell by the lyrics of the chorus: “Don’t give up, though the road may be long and the journey hard. You are not alone, and God will carry you. Hold on, Pilgrim Man, you’re almost home.”

The possibility that somehow, somewhere, someone will be encouraged or inspired to take one more step on their own journey…allows me to keep pushing forward on mine.


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